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Taman Industri Meranti Jaya,
47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
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Welcome to XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd

Ultrasonic Cleaning System and Services provider in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand. Our services include Kerry Guyson machine supplier, BlackBox Online Monitoring System supplier, hydrocarbon and mould cleaning services, spray cleaning services, water pumps supplier, Filter cartridge and filter housing supplier, Ultrasonic cleaning system repair.


No one knows this industry better than we do.

XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd

has been making efforts in the industry of parts cleaning equipment and ultrasonic cleaning equipment for a vast number of applications. We have been providing industrial parts washers and custom ultrasonic cleaning solutions to industrial and precision parts manufacturers for over years. We've had experience with nearly every kind of parts cleaning application and can provide our customers with the latest cleaning technology available. The company has been using high and novel technology to develop techniques, combining the outstanding and professional elites to carry out focal inventions to robotic automation and industrial software.

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Our Mission

 S  ervice – Professional Service by partnering with client.

 O  rganisation – Culture that enable our team to be highly motivated, professional &
         committed to achieve common goal.

 L  ong term – Life time partner to support and supply.

 U nderstanding – Understand what you need and serve you better.

 T  echnologies – Moving forward to learn new thing and return to the society and

  I  nnovation – Continuous innovation on cleaning technology.

 O riented – Align to position to Achieve gold and target.

 N otion – Adopt market requirement to gain future competitive advantage.


Please contact XTS (SEA) South East Asia from
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