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47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
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Process Development Services

"XTS Technologies Sdn. Bhd. primarily serves the manufacturing community, and our decades of experience with the full spectrum of applications in a wide variety of industries are a considerable resource when you have unusual process requirements or special purposes.
In conjunction with XTS’s Free Wash laboratory testing service, we are sometimes asked to help develop a novel impact cleaning technique for your manufacturing process. We often undertake such projects confidentially, with the understanding that successful results have the potential to open up new cleaning applications. 
If your project will require an extended series of lab tests that goes beyond the limits of our "Free Wash" Testing Service, such as evaluation of specific medium that may not be in-stock at our laboratory or definition and fine-tuning of unknown clean process parameters, we will be pleased to estimate any out-of-ordinary costs and quote a reasonable price for process development services. 
On-site consultation is a regular part of our work on any project. The Guyson sales engineer’s visit to your facility is an opportunity to get a thorough understanding of your process requirements. That helps him or her provide you with access to all the resources at Guyson.
Answers to a number of questions about your components are needed to guide laboratory testing, so that we can produce something close to the desired results in the first lab trials. Other questions about the flow, rate and circumstances of production provide all the details needed for application engineering purposes.

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