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Selangor, Malaysia.
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Warehouse Logistic Distribution Automation AGV Robotics Series Malaysia

Laser SLAM Multi-layer Picking Robot Automatic Guided SPK-HAI-A42-3

Jacking Transfer Laser Guided Vehicle Robotic SJV-W1000

Jacking Transfer Self Navigation Robot SJV-SW500

Laser Slam Omni-directional Latent Jacking Transfer Robot Vehicle SJV-W600DS-DL

AMB-powered Latent Laser Traction Robot AGV

AMB-powered Latent Traction Robot - Autonomous Mobile Robot AMR

AMB-powered Composite Robotics AGV With COBOT

AMB-AGV Powered Roller Conveyor Type Robot

AMB-XS Series AGV Chassis With Laser Navigation

AMB-J Series Automation Guided Vehicle Robotic Chassis

AMB Series Unmanned Chassis

SRC-powered Laser SLAM Counter Balanced Stacking Automatic Forklift SFL-CPD15-T

SRC-powered Laser SLAM Transfer Automatic Forklift SFL-CBD20-S

SRC-powered Laser SLAM Mini Automatic Forklift SMF-MP10S

SRC-powered Laser SLAM Stacker Automatic Forklift SFL-L14

SRC-powered Laser SLAM Small Stacker Automatic Forklift SFL-CDD14

SRC-powered Laser SLAM Stacker Automatic Forklift SFL-CDD20

SRC-powered Laser SLAM Stacker Automatic Forklift SFL-CDD20

SRC Series Core Controller 2000-F(S)

SRC Series Core Controller 2000-I(S)

Safety Controller SRC-3000FS

Logistic Distribution Automation Malaysia


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