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Single Deep, Double Deep And Multiple Deep ASRS Warehouse System

With a special design in single-deep, double-deep pallet racking and multiple deep ASRS solutions, or a combination of any of these, XTS can bridge the gap between restrictive designs and flexible creativity.

XTS and KENMEC have extensive experience in combining single-deep ASRS or double-deep ASRS storage lanes with high-density, multiple deep configurations in the same aisle using the same storage and retrieval machine.  Based on a comprehensive analysis of your warehouse needs us can design an ASRS  to provide maximum storage density with significant cost savings. 

Please contact us for South East Asia Market, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines , Singapore, Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, New Zealand and Australia for more information.

Logistic Warehouse Solution by Single Deep ASRS, Double Deep ASRS , Multiple Deep ASRS Warehouse System


Please contact XTS (SEA) South East Asia from
Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Brunei at :

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