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MB-powered Composite Robotics AGV With COBOT 🤩

09 Jun 2021
MB-powered Composite Robotics AGV With COBOT 🤩
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AMB-powered Composite Robot is built by mounting robotic arm on the AMB series unmanned chassis, which can be compatible with a variety of manipulators, including ABB YuMi, UR 3/5/10, AUBO I3, I5, I7, I10, etc. Complete the construction of the environment map and high-precision has reached within ±5mm, the docking accuracy of which is ±2mm. ✅

The AMB-powered Composite Robost can carry materials from the mobile robot to the equipment for loading, or from the equipment to the mobile robot for unloading according to the system dispatching orders. In addition, an overall detection of goods will be conducted by loading visual sensors on the robotic arm.💪

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