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Industry 4.0 Malaysia

27 May 2021
Industry 4.0 Malaysia
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Smart Manufacturing is the catchphrase nowadays in Malaysia’s media coverage. This has been further reaffirmed that we are in the process of formulating the National Industry 4.0 Blueprint, which is expected to be ready before the end of 2017.🧐

It's more than 5,000 multinational companies in Malaysia have embraced the challenges of the technological evolution. Based on research conducted by PwC, Industry 4.0 sees a promising future in the digitization of products and services and means of robotic manufacturing and engineering – companies expect to reduce operational costs by 3.6% per annum while increasing efficiency by 4.1% annually – over the course of five years.📈

Malaysia is still lagging behind in the pecking order which they already have Industry 4.0 policy frameworks. With only three years left to 2020, most of the companies have started to generate new applications and find ways to leverage on these technologies to their competitive advantages – that are not only beneficial to consumers but also profitable to the market.💯

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