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Multi-layer Picking Robot 😍

27 May 2021
Multi-layer Picking Robot 😍
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The Laser SLAM Multi-layer Picking Robot is equipped with a built-in SRC Series Controller. It can deploy easily without reflectors by adopting Laser SLAM navigation, realize accurate picking and placing of materials by using visual AI, flexibly match a variety of working heights to create a comfortable working experience by its super-humanized design and interact with flexibly various equipment such as rollers, shelves, latent AGV and manual workstations. is the best partner for the factory's line side warehouses, enabling intelligent manufacturing. 🤓

✅ Freely switch between Laser SLAM and QR code navigation, easy to deploy.
✅ Accurate picking and placing of goods by 2D/3D visual recognition.
✅ It can be highly customized to store and move multiple bins efficiently at one time.
✅ Seamless access to dispatching and warehousing systems to further manage and optimize business.

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