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Dobot MG400

17 Apr 2021
Dobot MG400
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DOBOT¡¯s MG400 is a new, small collaborative robot (cobot) for performing small-scale manufacturing tasks

This cobot is designed to live on a workbench or desk and has a physical footprint comparable to a laptop computer. The MG400 can assist workers with light manufacturing tasks, such as holding objects for specimen handling, loading and unloading, and inspection and quality control purposes. For example, during a pandemic, many samples can be tested accurately and quickly, while the laboratory technician catalogs the results. The technician does not have to manually handle each sample and is at lower risk of infection and repetitive motion injuries. Overall, the MG400¡¯s small size and quick programming make it a unique solution to a myriad of repetitive, small-scale tasks. 

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