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🍰 The Cake Maker by DOBOT 🍰

10 Nov 2020
🍰 The Cake Maker by DOBOT 🍰
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The cake making robotic system is powered by DOBOT M1 that combined with a wide array of accessories that allows the robot to complete a series of tasks, including cutting cake blank, squeezing cream, wiping cream and putting buttercream stripes around the sides of cakes. The cake-making process ensures cleanliness and tidiness through acrylic sheet and stainless steel sheets around the cake blanks to prevent debris.
🕵🏼‍กโ️ According to the survey, making an 8-inch cake usually takes a total of 20 mins to apply cream and buttercream stripes. However, DOBOT M1 only needs 5 mins to do both. Hence, efficiency can be improved by saving time and energy.

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