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Benefits of Artificial Intelligence 🤖

22 Nov 2021
Benefits of Artificial Intelligence 🤖
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Artificial Intelligence is widely used by the industries nowadays. Artificial Intelligence or AI is designed to perform new task typically require human intelligence. Changing from human labor to AI, there are some benefits that we can see for sure!

  1. Reduce Human Error

    •AI is a type of machines and computer systems. Computer do not make mistakes if they are programmed properly. With Artificial intelligence, the decisions are taken from the previously gathered information applying a certain set of algorithms. So errors are reduced and the chance of reaching accuracy with a greater degree of precision is a possibility

  2. Availability

    •Usually, human will work between 6-8 hours per day because they need time to rest and eat. Howver, by using AI, they can work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without any breaks and they dont even get tired like humans
  3. Help in Repetitive jobs

    •In our day-to-day work, we will be performing many repetitive works like sending a thanking mail, verifying certain documents for errors and many more things. Using artificial intelligence we can productively automate these mundane tasks and can even remove “boring” tasks for humans and free them up to be increasingly creative.

  4. Digital Assistance

    •Usually digital assistants used in websites to provide things that users want.👨‍💻 For example, chatbots. Some chatbots are designed in such way that it;s become hard to distinguish whether we are chatting with a chatbot or human being.

  5. Take risks.

    •By developing AI Robot, we can overcome many risky limitations of humans which in turn can do risky things for us. Let it be going to mars, defuse a bomb, explore the deepest parts of oceans, mining for coal and oil, it can be used effectively in any kind of natural or man-made disasters.
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