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When Dobot Meet Karakuri And Raspberry Pi!

26 Sep 2021
When Dobot Meet Karakuri And Raspberry Pi!
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What would happen when #DOBOT met #RaspberryPi #karakuri? 
"DOBOT and Raspberry Pi easily increased the added value of work." Mr. Mitsuru Isotani said, CEO of Sanwaza (Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture). We launched a project to develop the "Wise Karakuri", which is a device that combines a Raspberry Pi, a camera, and a small robot DOBOT on an aluminum frame. And made full use of desktop-sized small robot "DOBOT Magician", small board PC "Raspberry Pi" and open source software (#OSS), etc.  We are now receiving orders to manufacture control devices that we would never have imaged about before. 

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