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XTS Technologies Sdn Bhd

XTS Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is the leading Factory Automation in Malaysia to deliver HIGH Quality and Cost EFFECTIVE solution in industrial automation. From cleaning automation to stand-alone special purpose machine and Robotic automation equipment for production plant with cloud platforms which can immediately grab the device status anywhere to ASRS Warehouse and logistic solution to improve the efficiency of picking speed up by AGV Robot, but can also reduce the time for picking staff to think and judge, improve shipping and distribution logistics efficiency.

The dynamic team specializes in designing, manufacturing, implementing, and marketing. We consistently improve our skills to approach modern manufacturing practice. Industrial automation is now becoming a reality to the industries. XTS Technologies' vision is to be the pioneer of industry 4.0, we are prepared to help the industry from production to warehouse & logistic distribution to transform into SMART Factories. We offer the latest manufacturing solution that can integrate automation in manufacturing processes to avoid human error, reduce labor, and increase productivity in the operation process.

XTS implements secure network infrastructure and smart devices for efficient data collection which able to turn data into actionable information between manufacturing module on the production plant floor and the rest of the enterprise. Real-time data allow management to view MES, OEE and other data from cloud platforms and deliver the most impactful manufacturing results on time.

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Our Mission

 S  ervice – Professional Service by partnering with client.

 O  rganisation – Culture that enable our team to be highly motivated, professional &
         committed to achieve common goal.

 L  ong term – Life time partner to support and supply.

 U nderstanding – Understand what you need and serve you better.

 T  echnologies – Moving forward to learn new thing and return to the society and

  I  nnovation – Continuous innovation on cleaning technology.

 O riented – Align to position to Achieve gold and target.

 N otion – Adopt market requirement to gain future competitive advantage.
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